What will you eat?

Sometimes it is the little, simple things that prove to be the toughest decision to make.  Though you may not feel like eating, I do encourage you to nourish your soul.  Try to eat something.  If you are the one who usually is the host for a meal and you just aren’t feeling like it would be a good fit, then see if someone else can do the hosting instead.  If you are hosting, you can consider simplifying things.  Are there items that you can purchase instead of make?  Maybe you could do a potluck style meal and divide up the tasks or maybe you could go out for a holiday meal.  Think about it…is it possible to change the time you eat or location?

We generally spend Christmas Eve with Raun’s family and then Christmas day with my family.  This year we will have a modified Christmas Eve because some of the family will be out of state to welcome into our world our nephew.  So, our plan for that night has yet to be developed at this point.  However, Christmas day will be the usual…open presents, have some breakfast, dinner prep, and dinner.  There will be some baking we will do to bring home.  I will most likely help my dad at some point with the lasagna making (if it isn’t pretty much done by the time we get into town) or possibly help my mom put together pies (if we decide to have more than just baked goods)


So, what will you eat?  What is your plan?  Share below your thoughts, tips, or ideas.

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