Birthdays can be simple or they can be extravagant.  Birthdays are as different as the person who’s birthday it is.  Birthdays are a time to celebrate, time to reflect, and time to share.

Last week, January 27, we celebrated Samantha’s birthday.  We visited the cemetery where we placed flowers and reflected.  We chose to lay bright orange flowers, a burst of color.  It was a color we were drawn to and brought a sense of vibrance to an other kind of dreary day.  After placing the flowers I took some photos and then we spent a little time at the memorial wall.

This week, February 4, we celebrated my birthday.  I do have to say, this year’s birthday was much better than last year.  Last year’s was tough.  It was my second day back to work after being gone for nearly a week.  It was also one of the weirdest ones I have had.  For every birthdday card, I just opened a sympathy card.  Very, very weird and filled with a huge mix of emotions.

So, this year we went out for dinner and enjoyed good food, as well as good conversation.  We went to the St. Paul Winter Carnival, the torch light parade, and the end of carnival fireworks.  It’s not every year I can say I get fireworks on my birthday.  It was a lot of fun.

Here’s to birthdays…where we can celebrate, reflect, and share.  Not to mention…eat a ton of cake!


I wanted to share that I will be participating in an Illuminate course over the next month or so.  This will give me an opportunity to work through the grief and healing process in another way.  Or should I say, in addition to what I am doing.  It allows me to do two things, take photos and to write as I work through the process.  However, the writing that I will be doing will be on specific topics assigned, as well as the photos I take.  The first assignment is writing a letter to Samantha.  I look forward to working my way through this experience, meeting new people,  and continuing to walk this path while finding new ways to reflect, honor, and cherish.

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