I have always known that I should be sure to take care of myself.  Make sure I include doses of things I really enjoy, things I need, and time to relax.  As time goes by, it seems that taking care of ourselves slowly works it’s way to the bottom of the to do list.  Excuses begin to fill our bucket of why we don’t take care of ourselves.  It usually takes something major in our lives to dump that bucket out, completely empty it, and cause us to refill or re-prioritize the items on our to do list.

I, like I am sure most of us, have fallen into the routine of the days.  Soon the days turn into weeks, then months, then years and we begin to wonder where the time went.  I have never been able to really sit still for an extended period of time.  In fact, when I had down time I would try to fill it and when faced with sitting around doing pretty much nothing, I would find something after only a short while.  I would try to stay busy.

My bucket dump came when we lost Samantha and my world got turned upside down.  In the months to follow I was forced to slow down and listen.  Listen to my body, listen to those around me, just plain listen.  However, it didn’t take long for me to get swept back up in the routines of the day.  The end of Summer lead me to begin to realign my life.  I had lost my passion in my job, so I knew I needed a change.  It took me almost a month to figure out what direction to go in.  The decision to give up my classroom was a tough one, but lightened load of responsibility along with the flexibility began to give me what I needed.  Time.  The time to really take care of me, so that I could take care my relationship with Raun, and the time to really face in depth what we are going through.

This time has allowed me to be able to meet new people, continue to share my story, talk & build relationships with others who have traveled a similar path, to travel, and to spend time with family.  Most importantly I have been able to take care of myself.  And because of that, I can take care of those around me.

Lesson learned…take time for yourself, don’t forget to slow down, live by the moment, and regularly you need to re-prioritize.  So, what do you do to take care of yourself?  If you can’t answer this easily, then maybe it’s time to slow down, realign, and reflect.  What are you going to do to take of you?

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