When a couple is faced with the loss of a child and having to be in the hospital, the nursing staff plays a key role.  They can either be helpful or harmful to the whole experience.  There are a few moments which are still vivid to this day.  Some of the people we encountered, doctors and nurses, left quite the imprint-both in good ways and bad ways.

Today I would like to take a moment to look at the good.  We were fortunate to have an excellent nursing staff surround us.  If I could remember their names I would thank them individually.  We had one nurse who, on our second day in the hospital, pulled a double shift and stayed with us a majority of the day.  She was the one who was there when Samantha was born.  She was great during the whole process. She made sure to capture moments on camera, take measurements, and gave us time to hold our baby.  She treated us with a great respect.  She treated us like we were parents.  I hope that when it comes time to have another baby, she is there and I can get the chance to thank her face to face for all that she did.

My gratitude and deep thanks goes out to the nursing staff that was by our side for the two days we were in the hospital.  In a way, they helped to make things just a little easier.   Thank you!

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