January 28-

Woke up a few times in the night and had many break downs.  After the last one feel back asleep for a while and woke up part way through the morning.  Had a little breakfast and took a walk around the floor.  Sat outside the room just to get out.  We were waiting for Shiela to come and talk with us.  When she finally did we talked about the memorial service stuff, the baby went down to pathology and Raun I began to think about names.  We started with Jean for a middle and then just began to say names.  We settled on Samantha Jean.  When she got back to the room we took a few more pictures and did handprints in clay.  Then that was it.  Time to go home.  Released from hospital 4:30.  In a way it was nice to be home, but it was scary too.

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