It’s been just over a year and half since we said hello and goodbye to our daughter.  The time has, in some ways, gone by quickly…yet in other ways, not so much.  I have seen how it has affected my husband, my family, my friends, my work, and myself.  When everything first happened, I kept trying to find the “right” thing in memory of our daughter.  I began to realize that some of these items are just things and don’t truly represent our daughter and don’t seem to have as much meaning.  I have the important things in a keepsake box, displayed on our family wall, and in my heart.  Every now and then I do try be creative and create something personal.  Recently, I created a family ring.  It has my husbands birthstone, Samantha’s, and mine.

When Spring time rolled around this year I began to think of ways that I could honor Samantha on an ongoing basis, that held a strong meaning, and that could be done creatively.  I wanted to give back and to pass a little something along.  Dragonflies have always intrigued me.  With our pregnancy and shortly after, dragonflies seemed to be showing up here and there.  They became my connection to our daughter.  A blessing here on earth and something to let me know that things were alright.

Back in December I had some very special words that came to my mind that unfolded into a poem.  In honor of Samantha and our first Christmas we included the poem, along with a dragonfly with each of our Christmas cards.  That poem was the springboard that I needed.  I decided to make dragonflies.  Hand-beaded, bright colors, sparkle in the wings…just the way the show up in nature.  My hope is that as I pass them along, they will bring a sense of hope, comfort and strength.

Recently, my mom shared the completed project that she began working on at the beginning of the year.  My parents felt the need to do something in Samantha’s memory, so had a bench donated in a memorial garden through a local hospital near them.

There are so many ways that we can remember our angels.  If you are looking for ideas check out Beth Morey’s blog for an ebook for Remembering Your Child…  What are some ways that you have remembered your child?  What have you found that is helpful in honoring your child?  Share your ideas below

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