These are just a few of the songs that were helpful to me.  I had heard them all before, but after what happened they all took on a little different meaning.  Granted, at first, when I heard them after our loss I would loose it myself.  Now, I find refuge in them and they help me feel at ease.  A couple of them have beautiful YouTube vidoes that go with the lyrics that just add to overall depth and peace they bring.  It doesn’t matter your faith background or even if you don’t really have one.  These songs have the possibility of touching a person deeply.

              “Stronger” by Mandisa (

               “Better than a Hallelujah” by Amy Grant (

              “Take Me Away” by Kerrie Roberts

              “No Matter What ” by Kerrie Roberts


98.5 KTIS: A local radio station out of Saint Paul, MN

Even if you don’t live in the Twin Cities, you can listen online.  This radio station is awesome.  It is fully funded by listeners and it has very few commercial that are played.  The songs are so inspiring, as well as the stories that are shared.

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