I wanted to share that I will be participating in an Illuminate course over the next month or so.  This will give me an opportunity to work through the grief and healing process in another way.  Or should I say, in addition to what I am doing.  It allows me to do two things, take photos and to write as I work through the process.  However, the writing that I will be doing will be on specific topics assigned, as well as the photos I take.  The first assignment is writing a letter to Samantha.  I look forward to working my way through this experience, meeting new people,  and continuing to walk this path while finding new ways to reflect, honor, and cherish.


La Belle Dame

Miscarriage, Stillbirth, & Infant Loss Memorial Jewelry



This is an infant loss necklace that my husband bought me after it all happened.  I was looking for something of high quality, that would last, and I would be able to have with me around my neck always.  We had Samantha’s hand print in clay, but I wanted something with the footprints.  My husband found this site by chance on the web.  I later read it as a resource listed in one of the books I had been reading “Naming Your Child” by Jenny Schrodel.  This necklace is so beautiful, though this picture does not do it justice.  It is hand stamped with the footprints and Samantha’s initials.  I had two gem stones added: one for when she was born (January), and one for when she was originally expected to be born (July). Kimberly De Montbrun began making this type of jewelry after her own experience.  It is a phenomenal gift she has to be able to create a way to memorialize those that we’ve have lost too early.    In fact, I had one made for my mom, who also experienced a miscarriage, that had the footprints on it, as well as a January birthstone (for her grandchild) and a February birthstone (for her own child) attached.  I encourage you to take a look at her site.  She has many options to choose from.

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