It’s been a059 long time since I have written here.  In fact, I don’t remember the last time I sat down to share my thoughts and happenings.  A lot has kept me busy.  I am adjusting to life as a stay at home mom to my almost 1 year old.  Can’t believe my little rainbow baby is almost a year old already.  Then again, Samantha turned three this year.  It’s weird how time seems to be going by faster and faster.  At least, it is being filled with many wonderful moments.  Not to say that I don’t have tough moments still, but I am learning to deal with them.  I work my way through the emotions and thoughts, walking along this grief and healing path.  There are days when I must admit that I don’t have Samantha in the forefront of my mind any more.  She is always there, might be tucked away.  But she is always there and always in my heart.  I am blessed to have a wonderful angel watching over my family and I.  She has taught me much over the past years and given me a new perspective on life.  One day, I will introduce my little guy to his big sister.  But for now, I will watch him grow, giggle, and bring smiles.  He is touching our lives greatly and the lives of others.  Much the same as his sister, though a little different.  She touches lives through dragonflies and he touches lives through smiles.  Our family has grown, our hearts are full, and our memories keep building.

Going forward, I may occasionally post on here, but for the most part things are going to be left as is.  That being said, this is in a way, a final post.  The site will still be around as a resource, you can still request dragonflies, and you can always contact me if you need anything (support, questions that you are searching answers for, or someone to just listen).  Feel free to send me an email at  I would love to hear from you about your journey.

In the meantime, I will be focusing on my family, doing the things I enjoy, and hopefully once Spring actually arrives be out enjoying it.  I will continue to write when I get the chance and I will post my mama side at  I am continuing to capture many wonderful moments through the lens of my camera and when I get the chance to be creative I go for it.

Please know that I am grateful to everyone who has been there and continues to be there through this all.  I have had an amazing group of support from family and true friends.  Thank you to everyone who has helped along this path so far and thank you to all who have been following me and my journey through this site.  I hope that you will find your strength, your courage, and your joy.  One day your light will shine brightly again.  I send along the blessing of a dragonfly to you in hopes that it will brighten your day and let you find that little bit of peace and hope that you need.

(The beautiful photo is one of my favorites from my favorite places to visit.  It’s Bayfield, WI.  This is from when my husband and I visited Labor Day weekend the year we lost Samantha.  We hadn’t planned any vacations that year, but when that weekend rolled around we felt drawn to go somewhere.  It was our third time going there and we were going because it is a place we love, feel at home, and to relax.)

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