Bundle of joy, bundle of nerves pretty much sums it all up right now.  We are at the 20 week mark…halfway there.  We met some milestones, like finding out that baby L is a boy.  In 20 weeks we will get to see what Timothy looks like, other just in ultrasounds.  Up until this point I have been, shall we say cautiously excited.  I didn’t know what it was like to be pregnant past 17 weeks.  Thankfully, we’ve been going to the doctor every two weeks, so it has calmed my nerves some.  Now the nerves I have are just like any other parent.  While we are parents and have a daughter, this will be our first baby coming home…our first round of learning how to parent.  Makes me a little bit nervous, wondering if I will be a good parent and if I will know what to do.  I have been around other kids, working with infants, but it is different when it is your own child.  Sure, some of the basics are there…like feeding, diapering,and  sleeping, but there is so much more and that’s what makes me a little bit nervous.  I guess that’s only normal, so while we wait for our bundle of joy to arrive I will need to work on my bundle of nerves.  At least I know I have a lot of good resources that I can turn to for help.






We are 17 weeks and have 23 more to go…almost halfway there.  I am so full of joy and happiness, we are pregnant with our little rainbow.  But at the same time, I am a little scared and nervous too.  We made it to 17 weeks with Samantha.  With Samantha, we knew earlier on that things didn’t look quite right.  There was extra fluid around the neck and abdomen, leading the doctors to believe it was Turner’s Syndrome.  Fortunately for us, it is not genetic and there was nothing we did wrong that caused it.  It is a chromosome disorder that is rare to occur and even rarer to happen again.  Even so, with Baby L we are considered high risk.  Our doctor wants to be sure that nothing is missed this time around.  So far that means I am on restricted lifting, no big deal really…except when it comes to work.  Otherwise, life as normal so far.  Up to this point with Baby L there hasn’t been any concerns.  All ultrasounds have looked great, good heart beat, everything forming the way it should, no extra fluid, and baby is even measuring a little farther along…an extra 2 days farther.  So with that I am not as nervous, but a lot more hopeful.  Yet I can’t seem to shake that deep down feeling, which I guess goes with the territory.

We had our 17 week appointment this past Wednesday.  Apparently you can eat too much Halloween candy, because I did that day and Baby L was dancing around in there having lots of fun.  With that said, all still looks good and a great heart beat.  The doctor still has no concerns.  A load has been lifted and I have been sleeping a little bit better the past few nights.  Next milestone to look towards?  19 weeks and a Level 2 ultrasound…we get to find out if Baby L is a boy or a girl.  I can’t wait!  Now I just need to keep my mind busy for the next week and half, so time will pass a little bit quicker.  Still hoping and praying each day that Baby L continues to get bigger and stronger and is a healthy baby.

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