Today ends Carly Marie’s Project Heal Capturing Your Grief through photography.  I haven’t been on top of things for the past week or so and have fallen behind on my daily photographs.  Some of the topics kind of through me for a loop because I didn’t know how to share a photo about it or in some cases I didn’t have any…like place of care or baby shower.  So, I have looked at where I left off all the way through today and have compiled what I can into photographs creating a wrap up for the project.  So here goes my final thoughts in photographs and words…

Altar, Shrine, Sacred Space:  I wouldn’t say that what I have is an altar or shrine…I guess maybe it is a sacred place.  I have always had our unity candle and photos of Raun and I above the fireplace.  After Samantha died, I added her name in the sand, her handprint, and her candle.  I once had someone tell me that in order to help me move forward I needed to put away all things Samantha.  A sort of out of sight out of mind concept I guess.  I couldn’t understand where they were coming from and why they would say that.  I left these items out.  This wall above the fireplace is our family photos.  She deserves to have her pictures there too.


Their name, their photo:  The first photo is one that I ordered in the May following our loss.  It arrived shortly after in my email…absolutely beautiful.  The second photo was a beautiful picture that her name was added to…I was touched by the colors and the heart.  Both photos are done by Carly Marie.


Siblings:  This is our first 3D photo of Baby L done on October 19.  As of this date we don’t know yet if Samantha has a sister or brother, but we will find out in a few weeks.

Artwork: I don’t have any other specific artwork relating to all of this and Samantha really.  But I do have this collage that I created for my Illuminate class that I took.  It is a compalation of photos from the cemetary where Samantha is the first Fall season without her here.  I came across the class and entered for a chance to win a free spot in one of the following classes.  My photo was picked and I got to walk the journey of Illuminate with other amazing women on a similar path.


Your grief tell the world:  I don’t have a specific photo for this, but my way of telling the world has been through this website.

Sunset:  This challenge began with a sunrise and ends with a sunset.  This photo is not from the last day of October, but from Labor Day weekend 2011.  Raun and I decided to take a weekend and get away, so we went to one of our favorite places…Bayfield, WI.  It was a quiet weekend around the small city, but it was very relaxing and the time away was needed.  This photo is from a sunset one of the nights we were there and it is one of my favorite photos.


Liz Lauterbach

Wife, Mom, Photographer, and Writer walking the path of healing by sharing my story.
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