This past weekend, having an extended weekend, Raun and I decided to go camping.  I grew up camping during the Summer months and have so many great memories.  Raun and I have been going camping for as long as we have been together.  In fact, part of our honeymoon was spent camping and this year (7 years later) we will return to the same campground for a week.

For the Memorial Holiday weekend we headed over to Willow River State Park.  One of the best things about the park is that it is only 25 minutes from our house.  Not only does this park offer the best of camping, hiking, and swimming, but there is a lot of wild life and a waterfall.  On either side of our campsite there are deer trails and while sitting relaxing we would get the occasional chance to see the deer wonder by.  The waterfall is absolutely beautiful.  It has multiple tiers and you can even go in the falls, as well as behind them.

One of our visits to the falls was during the rain, so we were pretty much the only ones there.  Even though it was raining, I was pretty excited to get photos of the falls without other people in it.  Just listening to it’s thunderous roar creates such a calming feeling deep down.  We returned the next day when it was sunny and took some time to just relax on the rocks.  I did venture behind the falls for a little bit to capture some video for Raun.  The shear volume and sound from behind was truly amazing.

We spent part of the day canoeing.  I haven’t canoed since going to the Boundary Waters nearly 8 years ago, so it was a lot of fun to get back out on the water.  The sights and beauty around us made for some beautiful photos.  There were a lot of birds, turtles, and fish to capture on camera.  There were a few times when I would stop paddling and listen to what was going on around me.  Sometimes I would hear birds or catch a glimpse of a fish.  It was calming to just sit back, soak up the suns warm, and take in the scenery.

At night sitting by the campfire is where I was.  Just watching the flames dance and feeling the warmth on a cool night are enough of a reason to sit by the fire for hours.

All of these things are why I love to be outdoors and what calls me to keep going camping.  After the weekend I came back feeling relaxed, renewed, and a sense of calm & inner peace.  Now I am counting down the days until we get to go again.

Liz Lauterbach

Wife, Mom, Photographer, and Writer walking the path of healing by sharing my story.
  • Marit

    Sounds like an awesome trip! Those are the best – hope that you guys had plenty of s’mores 🙂


    • Anonymous

      Yup, we had plenty of s’mores. Had them just about every night. It definitely was a great trip!

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